10 things to rock your instagram


Nowadays Instagram has become a real obsession for all bloggers, regardless of their scope. I could spend hours, days or even months, scrolling down and admiring the phenomenal job that some of these Instagrammers are posting on these sensational social platform. However all this time spent studying other bloggers profiles wasn’t wasted but on the contrary helped me gain a deeper knowledge of what is trendy these days. In this post, I present you a list containing 10 hot topics that literally drive followers crazy.

So let’s begin, shall we?

  1. Flowers: tulips, peonies, enything you want really, as long as they are beautiful and colorful (taking some rustic photos directly in the flower shop where you bought them from will gain you even more points!)

2. Hands: If you are posting yours then make sure you have a manicure with a perfect nail polish.


3. Food that oozes: melted cheese and ice cream, cheddar oozing out of a juicy hamburger, whipped cream, a freshly baked mozzarella cheese pizza (hmm…are you starting to get hungry tooJ ?), in short the more it’s oozing the better!


4. Brush Calligraphy: A modern writing style composed of handmade characters that is having a huge success between bloggers and it’s really effective when used to adorn wedding invitations, brand names, etc… (I fell so in love with it that I’ve used it in my new logo 🙂 )



5. Coffee: If you are in a café with beautiful furniture, then remember to take a quick picture before drinking your latte (if you add your hands too in the shot you’ll score double points!)



6. City + Sea: From the busy roads of New York City to the desert beach, expand your landscapes and carefully study the framing you want to use.


7. Desserts: A slice of cake, a bitten cupcake, a tiramisu with a little piece missing, give dynamism to your pictures and remember, again, the more it’s oozing the better!



8. Korean food, Japanese food, Chinese food: Dumplings, Ramen and traditional food. Please no more sushi!



9. A high-angle shot of a brunch: Pictures with hands interacting on a table full of delights such as pancakes, orange juice, mini burgers and so on are always a win. Take care: when taking the shot remember to make sure that everything is super natural!



10. Weddings: Everything that has a Boho-Chic style (and here again take advantage of the brush calligraphy) works fine in this niche. Preparations, invites, DIY (do-it-yourself), dresses… don’t limit your imagination!





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