6-month DIY wedding: The to do list

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Ok, let’s organize this wedding together. I am a huge huge fan of To Do lists. I think it’s a process that can be of great help and put your mind at ease and will help you schedule everything, from your regular day to.. Your wedding of course 😜 

First thing you should do is divide what you have to do by month, this will help prioritize and what needs to be ordered/book ASAP. Then go step by step and try to keep it updated. I warn you, the critical point will be the guest list. It always is. Buy an agenda and start your planning (of course this is a bride’s task)!

Take this list below as an example:


Photo credit: Aisleperfect.com

Let’s analyze the most important things that you have to take care of (and also the most expensive ones):



It’s not that simple to find these for a low price but there’s always a solution. 


1. Think of the theme of your wedding (i.e. Mine is boho chic on the beach). This will help exclude a lot of other options. Beach, lake, country, city or park… Focus only on one place and go in depth with your search.

2. Take a look at the areas that could work for your wedding: stay away from what is trendy at the moment and you’ll find tons of hidden places that can host a wonderful DIY wedding. 

3. Make appointments to see the locations. Book the closest ones in one day so you won’t waist your time. 

4. Try to find a place that can also take care of the catering (it will also make it easier to negotiate a good price) 

5. Book it

6. Let your DIY soul come out and start decorating the place as you want in your mind and on your agenda (of course ask for some help, best friends are always there for you!) 


It’s always difficult to find the right photographer, the one that will capture every special moment of YOUR day. After the location this the next expensive vendor that you have to take care of.

1. Look for photographers that are around the location. You don’t want to pay extra money for hotel and trip for them.

2. Bloggers are also an option to consider: nowadays there are a lot of amazing people with great Instagram profiles that are specialists in what they do. Make a research.

3. Professionals are always a security. Styles are different, avoid the ones that have old websites, no social media and a style that goes back to the 90s. Please. It’s full of young guys and girls with a great eye, that are up to date with the newest technologies and that can give you what you want. Everyone wants to share their wedding on Instagram (at least I do 🙂 ). An updated website, caring of social media and the right feeling that after the chat he/she understood what you want with examples, is the perfect start.

4. ‘Reportage‘ this is the new era. No standing like statutes pictures but only natural photos that can capture all the great moments of the special day.

5. Book it!

If you want to get married in Ravenna, Italy these are the vendors that I’ve already booked:

BBK Beach, Punta Marina Terme

Alberto Bertaccini

Don’t forget to start getting your documents in order! Book the City Hall and ask for the documents that you need (in Italy it’s a different process, wish it was like in NY!)

Wedding Journal photo credit: CandyFaceCreative




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