6-months-diy wedding: Guest list + Save the Date


After having confirmed the location, the photographer and the City Hall (or the Church), is now time to prepare the wedding guest list and send the Save the Date. I have to be honest, everything I’m learning from this wedding is inspired by an “American Wedding Style” and my personal DIY. I’ve always thought that whenever it came my time to get married, my wedding would have followed the traditional itinerary (instructions for the future in-laws, for my parents..). But I soon started to realize that wasn’t the case, and I’m not trying to sound like I’m the rebellious and offbeat kind of bride, but if by the end of the journey my fiancé Antonio and I had a wonderful time and enjoyed ourselves, then all the guests would have it too. To keep it short, this is your special day, so make sure to live it fully to the end without worrying about making anybody else happy other than the two of you.

Now, getting back to the list we still have 2 more boxes to check:

-The guest list (I swear I’d rather climb The Mount Everest than find myself again in this situation)

-Save The Date: This is a customized “reminder” that will be sent to all the guests via email.


Here’s where the fun begins. The bride prepares her list and the groom does the same, then they both put them one next to the other. Now it doesn’t matter how much you try and even if you catapult yourself to a remote and absurd parallel dimension things will never go as you dreamed they would. There will always be that one person that you just don’t like or you don’t know enough like some fourth cousin you never heard about your whole life but amazingly your mother wants to be there the day of your wedding. In this case, is only up to you and your partner to reach an agreement that satisfies both.

Here are some advices you may want to consider:

  • Set a maximum number of guests in advance
  • Think about how many times you have seen or heard about this person in the last year
  • In case they ask the permission to bring someone with them: this is a very sensitive issue, first make sure you’ve explained that the wedding you are organizing is for a small group of close relatives and friends, otherwise consider each case one by one.
  • In case you don’t like the companion of your guests: well… If is a person you know you just can’t say no to, then bite the bullet and let it be.
  • Kids subject: from my own experience there will always be a group of moms that want to take a day off (I absolutely agree with that, I’d do the same thing) and a small portion that can’t stay one second without having them around. I recommend, for the moms that don’t want to leave their children at home with a babysitter or with their grandparents to make sure that the location you’ve chosen is suitable for the kids!
by Invitations by Dawn

by Invitations by Dawn


Is a “reminder” that is usually sent 6 months before the fateful day.

The Save The Date is meant to “lock” your guests especially in the case you are organizing your wedding in a different place from your hometown and they’ll have to relocate.

This is what I did for mine:

  • Ask the email address to all my guests and created a mailing list
  • Ask the chosen location management if they had a partnership with nearby hotels. In my case, BBK Beach provided me with 3 available structures.
  • Contact through email the hotels and ask confirmation for the prices. To simplify the booking process for my guests I created a special code for them (SARA+ANTONIOBBK)
  • Inquire about web sites that send out Save the Dates in a nice way. In my case, I already knew about Paperless for business reasons so I used it for this purpose.
  • Create the Save The Date along with a graphic designer (Eighth and Autumn is amazing). You could also buy some templates on Etsy or other similar sites; we wanted to add Brownie (our Chocolate Labrador) so inevitably we needed a personalized one, you’ll see all our graphics after the wedding!
  • Create a profile on Paperless, upload the mailing list and the Save The Date together with a list containing the hotels and…that’s it!

If you need more advices don’t forget to leave a comment below, I will be more than happy to share more details about my personal experience 🙂




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