Enjoy! Right, usually I close my recipe posts with this word but today I’m talking about something totally different.

What you hate most when you buy a device? Reading instructions, looking for tutorials on YouTube on how to install your device or rude people at the shop that didn’t explain how to install your device!? 

So do I, but when I had the opportunity to partnership with Enjoy, everything changed. This is totally revolutionary: you can purchase the gadget online and get it hand-delivered whenever and wherever you want by an expert from Enjoy who will also set it up for you … FOR FREE in real time! 

I tried this service choosing a device that I have never used before, the GoPro Hero4Session, and everything has been perfect. After my purchase, Enjoy expert Kit called me to make sure that time and place that I’d selected were correct and also to have more information about my daily life and the related use of the product. 


Kit, the Enjoy expert, arrived super punctual and enthusiastic. We sat and he gave me my GoPro Hero4Session. He explained every detail of the device in a very nice and clear way. I asked several questions and I received all the support that I needed. I’ve always wanted to take short videos of my recipes, showing you how beautiful eggs and sugar are combined together while whisking them.


Also I think that Enjoy makes the difference nowadays, it is a technology company that maintains the human touch within the crazy retail world. Real people that listen to your real struggles with the devices, and show up to help set up your purchase. But Enjoy isn’t not only this…if you are in the middle of a park… Don’t worry, Enjoy can come to you and deliver your device SAME DAY! Last but not least, after my appointment, Kit sent me an email with the manual of the GoPro Hero4Session plus how to use iMovie. The relationship with Enjoy doesn’t finish after the appointment but they’re always there to help you out!


Ok, now there’s another amazing NEWS. From now to April 15th, 2016 using this referral code RAF-MCC people that claim it can have $50 Enjoy credit! Can not be used on Boosted Boards, Tile or products under $100. Have fun finding what you need on Enjoy.com



Photo Credit: Paola Sinisgalli (TheCreativeShake)




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