Margarita of the year – Tiki Rita


Margarita lovers, listen! Even if it’s still a little cold outside, Spring is around the corner and I feel totally comfortable in declaring the Margarita season officially opened! Last night I threw a small party with my girls at my apartment and I’ve decided to re-create a Margarita Bar, just for us. No specific reason to celebrate, but actually, do we always need one?


Making cocktails it’s no easy at all, but I think that there’s a trick that you could use across all the food and drink world. I always prefer to invest in top shelf ingredients, I truly believe that this make the difference on the table. Probably most of you use this rule for food but remember: nothing makes your drink magical than an high-quality liquor mixed with fresh ingredients. And this is the reason why I chose Patrón as main character for my Margarita Bar.



Patrón is celebrating the most popular cocktail nationwide, it has crafted 7 artisanal recipes that showcase the versatility of the margarita and its endless variations in flavor profiles—from spice-infused to classic citrus. 

‘Tiki Rita’ is the one that I has been picked up to recreate, a combination of fresh flavors including the grapefruit and cloves, two of my favorites. My girls were the final judges in this personal challenge. I think that I passed the Tiki Rita test, I’m pretty sure that they had a lot of fun last night 😉 




Creating your personal Margarita Bar is the first thing that you should schedule for your next party and remember to check out all of the “Margarita of the Year” recipes by visiting and casting your vote for your favorite on Patrón social media pages (TwitterInstagram) for a chance to help name the #MargaritaofTheYear. 


Vote for your favorite Margarita by doing one of the below:

1. Using the recipe Hashtag – #TikiRita – on Twitter/Instagram

2. Vote on the site HERE

Meanwhile, have a TikiRita!





2 oz Patrón Reposado

.5 oz Patrón Citrónge Orange

.5 oz Fresh lime juice

.5 oz Fresh grapefruit juice

.25 oz Vanilla syrup

.25 oz Allspice Dram

+ Grated nutmeg for garnish

+ Lime wheel and cloves for garnish

+ Hawaiian sea salt rim



  1. Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake with ice to chill. 
  2. Strain onto fresh crushed ice in a Tiki glass that has been rimmed with Hawaiian sea salt.
  3. Garnish with fresh grated nutmeg and a lime wheel pierced with 3 cloves.


This post is in partnership with Patrón. The perfect way to enjoy Patrón is responsibly. I’ve been a Patrón customer since years, all considerations about the product are mine. 




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