Valentine’s Day. Yes, here we go again, it’s coming that time of the year where you ‘have to be romantic’, where you ‘have to demonstrate your love to your partner’, where ‘you struggle for weeks in order to find the best gift ever for your him/her’. 

Well, since I think that you should be romantic, in love, and having fun with the love of your life every day of the year, I have few suggestions for you that could begin exactly on Valentine’s Day. 

Here below a list of what a woman should pretend every day from her partner and not only on Valentine’s Day: 

— Flowers

— Dark Chocolate (yes, this is the only one that is aphrodisiac)

— Wine (Red or white, it’s up to your flavors)

— Breakfast for two once a week (at least)

— Something that reminds you every moment that you need attentions every day and not only for one day in a year, something that can accompany you and your partner during your journey: what about a wood watch? The value of a watch is not only referring to how much time has passed, but it reminds you to live the time that count. Life is so full of stuff nowadays, and I’m the first one that is always in front of my Mac or my iPhone, but there is a life out there, and sometimes we just forget to.. well, LIVE THE MOMENT. I love minimalism and a Jord Wood Watch is the perfect balance of style and value. 

Now, let’s start with some real suggestions.. and be ready to enter to a really cool GIVEAWAY (Receive a $25 e-gift code instantly just for entering!)



Where to find them: Have you ever been to the Flower District in New York? Located on 28th St between 6th an 7th Av, it’s like a mini oasis in the middle of the City. Check it out!


This is totally not a matter for our family, my husband and I LOVE dark chocolate and it is something that we always have at home. I’m really lucky, it happens frequently that Antonio comes home with at least 3 different type of dark chocolate. You can’t never go wrong with it 😉 


Red or white is really up to you. Few nights ago we picked up an Italian white wine to celebrate our apartment approval! As you can see, there could be a reason for celebrate every day even if it’s not… Valentine’s Day! 

Info about the wine: Tuscany, Italy-Tuscany’s famous Antinori family delivers this crisp white that opens with complex aromas touched by floral notes. Smooth and well-balanced, it features a long aromatic finish. Makes a great aperitif and is perfect with pizza, pasta and seafood.




What and where: Cappuccino for me, one of the most flavored artisanal hot chocolate of New York (including the homemade marshmallow) for my husband, and an old-fashioned pull-apart pastry with apples, walnuts, raisins and cinnamon for both. City Bakery is definitely your place if you are walking on a Saturday morning between Flatiron and Union Square. 

City Bakery: 3 West 18th Street, New York




This is what you’re missing, how to value your time. You can find this unique watch here and don’t forget to enter the contest HERE! Enter to be eligible to win a $100 e-gift code once the giveaway is over and all those who enter will receive $25 e-gift code.

The giveaway will end on 2/5/2017, so HURRY UP, you’ve only 1 week!

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