Vitamins to take before your wedding


Two months before the wedding I started training every morning, eating healthy (but I couldn’t resist having some pizza, pasta, hamburger and a good glass of white wine every now and then) and using beauty creams and masks. Obviously, I was always on the run, having to work two full time jobs in New York while organizing my overseas marriage. I’d say that there were all the prerequisites to have a nervous breakdown, right? But it’s ok because I’m just in my early 30’s and I’m starting to be more aware and avoiding dangerous and foolish activities. Part of this process includes taking more care of myself to be prepared to face the natural decay of my body when I hit the Xish 😉 . For this reasons when Vitafive contacted me in May I immediately thought: ‘you guys just read my mind’. Vitafive provides you a personalized vitamin program and the most amazing thing is that they are easy to take because similar in taste and shape to the jellies and they send them inside a small bag with your name on it. So cool, right?!

Nowadays we all live quite stressful lives and it’s more and more difficult to find some spare time and concentrate on your health like we all should. Vitafive simplifies this process and helps you integrate various vitamins like the vitamin D which otherwise will be impossible to take while working in the office. The personalized bags are small and easy to carry and will last you for 30 days.

With a small investment of only $14.99, you can choose between 8 different programs: Brain, Heart, Beauty, Active, Sleep, Essential, Immune, Healthy Bones. I personally chose the Beauty program (of course, I was close to the wedding and I was looking for miracles!) but you can also create a unique one for your specific needs using their wide range of vitamins which includes Biotin, Omega 3, CoQ10, Melatonin, Calcium & D3, Vitamin D3, Vitamin C and the classic Multivitamin. Taking care of your body with Vitafive is as simple as eating a candy! Tray it yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

During your purchase add this code: sara30, you will get 30% off on your first purchase!

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